The Simple Fix for Key Blade Wiggles

The Simple Fix for Key Blade Wiggles

NOTICE: As of 2023, YotaMD started shipping shims for all key types in all YMD1 kits. If you purchased a kit before 2023 and have some wiggle, I strongly encourage you to purchase the updated Refresh kit here: Refresh Kit

A Case of the Wiggles

The YotaMD key kits include multiple means of holding the key blade secure - no matter which key blade you happen to have!

The most common cause of a key blade that still feels loose after assembly is a center screw that is not threaded in all the way. The new shims for 2023 reduce the available movement of the blade, but the screw ALONE is capable of holding the blade plenty secure with no noticeable movement. The screw should go DEEP into the case. See the picture below for a properly seated screw. Sometimes the screw feels tight and the screw is still far from bottomed out like it should be. This can be due to a screw with a little excess threadlocker patch on it or a key blade with some threads that are dirty or damaged. Don't force it, fix it.

YotaMD Toyota Land Cruiser Key Wobble Check

The Test:

  • With the screw and key blade outside of the assembly, take a screw and thread it onto the key blade. It should thread allllllllll the way onto the blade before the wrench starts to slip.
  • YotaMD Center Screw Threaded In Land Cruiser
    • If the screw does not thread on, try another screw. Then another screw. If all the screws get hung up, the problem is likely with the key blade.
    • If the screw threads on, then you should be able to get the center screw nice and tight.

The fix process:

  1. Take a lighter and see if you can burn away any debris on the old key blade or the center screw. A lighter is a simple way to burn off any plastic remnants and it smooths out the threadlocker (nylon) patch.
  2. Try assembly again.
  3. If it's still troublesome, the threads of the blade are likely damaged. YotaMD sells donor key blades at zero profit as a service to our customers. Pick up a new key blade and get it cut to your car by a qualified locksmith (or dealer). Key Blades HERE

BONUS FIX (sometimes the most effective): Use a proper hex driver. The "L" wrenches I include in the YotaMD key kits are economical and effective for 95-99% of keys. Including an expensive hex driver in all kits would be wasteful for most customers so I only include a simple wrench. I do offer a Wiha 1.3mm hex driver on the site and I recommend that to anyone that gets stuck on the above process. The superior driver helps to allow much more force to the screws without stripping.

Driver with hardware kit: Refresh Kit

Driver Only: Wiha 1.3mm Driver

Wiha 1.3mm Hex Driver for YotaMD

If these steps fail to resolve the wiggle, please reach out via email with a picture (or three!) of your situation and we'll get it rock solid - guaranteed!



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