Repair Your Broken Lexus or Toyota Key Without a Locksmith - Forever

Repair Your Broken Lexus or Toyota Key Without a Locksmith - Forever

Toyota and Lexus Remote Key Shells

From around 1998 to 2009 Toyota and Lexus used a plastic shell around the head of their remote keys which often fails over time. This plastic shell can crack and fracture around the key base - sometimes leaving a key stuck in the ignition. Even when the key is intact, it feels flimsy and gummy in the ignition - a feeling that doesn't match the rest of your Lexus vehicle's build quality.

Broken Toyota Land Cruiser Key

Make the Lexus Key Better

As of 2017, there's a solid solution that uses titanium to reinforce the Lexus key blade, eliminate the risk of cracking and solidify the flexible feeling in the ignition - all while maintaining the range of the remote. The YotaMD YMD1 (available here) takes your existing remote and your existing key blade and turns them into a "buy it for life" solution. Installation involves taking your existing key blade and removing it from the old key shell plastic (if it's not already broken out completely) and simply placing it inside the YotaMD key kit. The kit is designed to work with all OEM keys and remotes as well as almost every aftermarket key blade and remote which is sold for these Toyota and Lexus keys.

Installation Instruction videos can be found here:

YMD1 Metal Key Kit Lexus

Make it Yours

The YotaMD kit comes in a variety of colors - for both the front and back nylon shells as well as the large titanium brace. The black shells are the standard offering and offer an all function, no frills solution. For those looking to add some flair to their keychain, there are a variety of Cerakote colors available. Cerakote is a ceramic coating applied over top of the nylon shell that is as durable as coatings get. It is sprayed and baked onto the non-black shells.

The Key is in the Precision

The YotaMD YMD1 kit uses extremely tight tolerances on the shells and the titanium braces.

The shells are produced differently for the Cerakote options because the Cerakote adds a very small thickness to the surface. While this added thickness is minimal, it is enough to interfere with the precise fitment of the M2 nuts used in the back shell. This requires the back shells to be produced in two different dimensions - one for black shells and one for Cerakote shells.

The titanium braces are grade 5 titanium and waterjet to a tolerance of +/- 2 thou in critical features. This precise tolerance helps maintain as much stability in the key blades as possible, while still allowing all key blades to work in the kit. It's above and beyond typical waterjet tolerances and requires YotaMD to work closely with waterjet shops to get the utmost precision out of their equipment for YMD1 production.

Gauge Pin Titanium Lexus Key

The Last Key You'll Need to Buy

If you manage to break your YotaMD key, we'll make it right. Now, a year from now, 5 years from now. There is no expiration on your YotaMD product. YotaMD stands for professionally designed products manufactured locally in Colorado, USA. Built from materials that are the best available and never disposable. There are many cheaper keys out there, but this is the best you'll find.

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YotaMD YMD1 Lexus Titanium Key Kit