Where will your key take you?

Where will your key take you?


YotaMD Anti Wiggle Process - Here is the process for ensuring your YotaMD key is rock solid and feels fantastic on your Land Cruiser, FJ Cruiser, Lexus GX470, LS400, IS300, LX470, ES300 and GS300 or GS400.

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The last guy gave up.

When I bought my used 1999 Toyota Land Cruiser in 2013 I was ecstatic to own such a robust and premium vehicle. It was meticulously cared for by the previous owner. I had never owned something so nice. As a part of the sale, I received a ziploc bag with two crumbled remote keys. Despite their obvious efforts to keep the vehicle in tip top shape, the previous owner had both keys break open and decided they would just give up on the idea of a remote key. They used the old-school remote-less back up valet key as their primary key for years. Not because they wanted to, but because the keys provided by Toyota let them down - more than once. I was committed to trying to make it work. I bought a couple inexpensive keys from Amazon and had them cut to my Land Cruiser. The first one worked great... for a month. Then it cracked, just like the Toyota design that it replaced. Ok, well that's weird. Let's try again. After only a week of use, the second replacement was showing cracks around the key blade. Same issue, yet again.

Enough was enough. I set out to design a solution that just worked. Forever.

Starting with two metal plates that surrounded the key blade, I started the first design concept and eventually made physical prototype number 1. I gave it a test on July 21, 2017.

It. Worked. Wonderfully. So solid that it felt like one solid block of metal. It was crude in appearance and still needed lots of little refinements to look like the world-class product I had in mind, but it worked.

Over the next 7 years the YotaMD -YMD1 design- underwent over 20 revisions to get everything exactly right. Radio range, button fitment, key fitment, remote thickness fitment, ignition clearance, etc... It all needed to be tweaked and refined over and over and over. Eventually, we got it. The YMD1 fits both the early remotes and the later years. It fits the Toyota and Lexus key blades, including the many varieties of aftermarket keys out there. After over 8,000 sales, we've seen ZERO cracking failures of this design which allow the key blade to come loose like the original cases. It just works.

We've since released other keys that follow the same tried and true design and manufacturing methods used in the YMD1. If you own a vehicle with a key that we support, we encourage you to try out a YotaMD key upgrade.

Every YotaMD key kit comes with a lifetime warranty and spare parts support. We make things that last.