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Titan Fob for Honda - Early Tester Round

by YotaMD
Sold out

It's untested. I think we're onto something awesome here. Help us find out!

Here's the deal. These keys are planned for a final price of ~$80-85, but we're not sure if the design is *perfect* yet. At YotaMD, we have very high standards and it takes time and a little testing to get from "design" to "product". We're on revision 11 of this Honda kit and we think we're very close to complete. If you can help us make the last remaining leap, you've got a complimentary Titan Fob key kit coming your way.

We'll send out the early tester (if you're lucky enough to be in the first tiny group) and all we ask is that you try it and tell us what's wrong. We've done many product releases and we know the first release version is never perfect no matter how hard we try. It may feel weird, it may not fit somehow, it may be wrong in some unknown way.

If you get back to us with immediate feedback, we'll send you the updated final release version at no charge. If you ghost us with no feedback, we will not send the final update to you.