Toyota - SW2 MR2 - Engine Lid Strut

Engine Lid Strut

Difficulty(0-10): 3
Time: 60 min
Tool Specialty(0-10): 5
Cost: $30

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Parts/Tools Needed
Gas Spring (McMaster Carr part 9416K18)
10mm Quick Release (McMaster Carr part 9416K78)
10mm Ball mount (McMaster Carr part 9512K73)
Aluminum strip (3/4" - 1")
10mm Socket/wrench
Dremel/saw/something to cut aluminum strips
Tape Measure


The factory engine lid on the MR2 is a plan prop rod that always seems to brake and fall off. Not only this, but itís inconvenient and often in the way. For $30 or so you can make your own gas strut that automatically holds the hood open. It works much better, looks much better and wonít brake as easily.


The factory hood prop should be snapped into place. If yours is anything like mine was, it will already be completely loose. Snap out the parts you can.


Measure the length of bracket you need. This does not need to be exact. See my pictures for approximate dimensions.

04Make the Brackets

Once you have the general dimensions you need to cut the brackets and drill holes. Cut the bracket first, and then place it in the necessary location to determine where you want your mounting holes.

05Install the Strut

With the hood propped open install the gas spring (strut) and the brackets

06Adjust the Cushions

The cushions that the lid rests on will likely need some adjustment. Turn the cushions into or out of the lid as needed.

Now step back and enjoy your gas strut engine lid assist. I found it to be much more convenient and less obstructive than the factory prop.