TOYOTA - Mk3 Supra - Drivehsaft

Aluminum Driveshaft

Difficulty(0-5): 2
Time: 1 hour
Tool Specialty(0-5): 2
Weight Savings: 5-30 Lbs

Tools Required:

  • Sockets: 12mm, 14mm
  • Wrenches: 12mm, 14mm
  • Specialty: Torque Wrench


  • New Drivehsaft

The Driveshaft on the A70 Supra from the factory is a two piece steel design weighing approximately 40 lbs. There are two steel halves joined by a carrier bearing in the center. Two halves are used in most all factory applications because it allows for more angle between the trans and differential mating surfaces and it drastically lowers the critical speed of the shaft compared to a one-piece design.

Many aftermarket options are available in one-piece designs made from Steel, Aluminum and Carbon Fiber. These one piece designs have the benefit of minimal weight and simplicity. The downside to a one-piece design is the possibility of vibration caused by imbalance or slight damage from road debris. For these reasons, most OEM designs are two-piece. Two piece aftermarket options are available, but will take some hunting to find and will require a larger budget