TOYOTA - Mk3 Supra - Lighting - Climate Control


Climate Control

Difficulty(0-10): 5
Time: 1-2 hours pending ability
Tool Specialty(0-10): 3
Parts/Tools Needed
T1 3mm LED's (16 for backlighting and 13 for indicators)
Soldering Iron
Solder wick
Display, Blue: DA04-11PBWA/A
Display, Yellow: DA04-11YWA
Display, Red: DA04-11EWA
Display Standoff: A16-LC-TT (Digikey part AE8916-ND)

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The A70 Climate Controls came in two varieties in the US. The pre 89 units have buttons which commonly peel and leave an ugly yellowed plastic showing through. For this reason, Iíve never liked the pre 89 units. The 89+ units are plug and play and Iíd recommend swapping them out if youíve got a pre 89 car. The modifications to follow apply to the 89+ though many steps would be similar for the pre 89 as well. The climate control can be completely changed with new lighting. The indicators, backlights and temp display are all universally used electronic parts and can be swapped out with simple soldering. Youíll need to crack open the Climate Control and desolder the old parts and solder in new LEDís and/or display.

Note: When using most 7 segment displays to replace the temp display, you will need to darken the display with some ~20-30% tint on the cover.

Using the 3mm LED's from superbright made my climate control insanely bright. If I were to do this again, I would use an LED with a lesser MCD rating. Mine were rated at ~4500 mcd and that was way too much. Looks neat by itself, but it is blinding at night on a highway.