TOYOTA - LAND CRUISER - Engine Oil Change

Engine Oil Change

Difficulty(0-5): 1
Time: 0.5-1 hour
Tool Specialty(0-5): 1

Tools Required:

  • Wrenches: 10mm, 17?mm
  • Oil Catch Pan
  • Optional: Oil Filter Wrench


  • New Oil Filter
  • New Oil
  • New Oil Drain Plug Gasket/Washer
Oil Quantity (Qts): 8


Note : Oil will drain faster and more effectively if the car is warmed up prior to starting this procedure.

01 - (Optional since the Land Cruiser is generally tall enough) Jack up the front of the car.

02 - (Optional since the Land Cruiser is generally tall enough) Secure the car with jack stands. DO NOT work underneath a jack. ALWAYS use a jack stand.

03 - Place oil catch pan under the engine oil drain of the car.

04 - Remove the oil drain cover and bolt. Be careful at the very last thread as the bolt falls out of the hole. Oil will spill if youíre not careful.

05 - Allow the oil to drain completely out of the carís engine oil pan.

06 - Replace the engine oil drain bolt with a new washer/gasket if needed.

02Refill Engine Oil

01 - Unscrew the engine oil cap on the top of the motor.

02 - Place a funnel into the oil filler hole or prepare to be super steady with your pouring hand.

03 - Fill the engine with oil using the above amount of oil. Itís ok to round up or use all of the last bottle of oil. A little extra is fine.

04 - Check your oil level with the dipstick. Make sure you are somewhere near the full mark.

05 - Start the car. Watch for leaks under the car. If you see any stop the car immediately and fix the leak.

06 - Check your oil level after running the car for a few minutes and add more oil as necessary.

03Filter Replacement

01 - Locate the oil filter

02 - Place your oil catch pan under the oil filter and take note of where oil will drip. This is often messy; be ready.

03 - Unscrew the oil filter.

04 - Take your new filter and put a small amount of oil on the rubber seal of the filter. You can use old or new oil, just donít get dirt or gravel on there.

05 - Screw the new filter onto the car. Once you feel the rubber seal hit the metal of the car, turn this about ĺ of a turn. It will be on tight.

06 - You probably have oil all over. Wipe it up.