Front Shocks

Difficulty(0-10): 1
Time: 30-60 min
Tool Specialty(0-10): 4
Parts/Tools Needed
New Shocks
22mm Wrench
19mm Wrench
8mm Wrench
Philips Screwdriver
Flat Blade Screwdriver
Torque Values
Top Shock Nut: 50 ft-lbs
Bottom Shock Bolt: 100 ft-lbs


The Front Shocks on the 100 series Land Cruiser are easy to access and don’t even require a jack or jack stands to change out. This is an easy job, but you will need a large wrench (22mm) and some PB Blaster (penetrating oil) always helps.


For OEM shocks you won’t need to jack the car up or remove the tire, but both of these make the job a little easier.

For aftermarket heavy duty shocks (ARB OME, TJM, etc…) you may need to let the suspension droop to get the shock mounted in place as these upgraded shocks won’t be as easy to compress to install. Removing the wheel isn’t necessary, but will make life easier.

Top Nut

There is a splash shield which should be partially removed so you have enough access to the top nut. The two shield buttons can be removed with a flat blade screwdriver.

The top nut is a 22mm nut with an 8mm shaft to hold to keep the shock from spinning with the nut when you try to remove it.

Bottom Nut

The bottom nut is easy and accessible. There is a 19mm bolt going into a 19mm nut on the backside of the steering knuckle. Removal is straight forward here.


Installation is the reverse of removal. No tricks here. You may need to compress the shocks a little to get them into the correct location. Note the torque values at the top of this guide. You don’t want these coming loose on the highway!