NISSAN - ALTIMA - Drive Belt

Drive Belt Replacement

Difficulty(0-5): 2
Time: 0.5-1 hour
Tool Specialty(0-5): 2

Tools Required:

  • Wrenches: 14mm
  • 6mm pin, 6mm OD socket, allen wrench, etc...
  • Optional: Second wrench for extra torque


  • New Drive Belt


The drive belt is in charge of taking your engine’s power and giving some to your alternator, A/C, and power steering. This belt wears out over time and needs to be replaced as soon as you can see any cracks or damage. This is VERY cheap and easy to replace. Do it ASAP because this belt breaking means your car will quickly stop running.

02Removal and Installation

Removal is simple, but in can be tough to reach the one required bolt with anything other than a regular wrench from the underside of the car.

01 - Jack up the front, right (passenger) side of the car.

02 - Secure the car with a jackstand. DO NOT work underneath a jack. ALWAYS use a jackstand.

03 - Using a 14mm wrench, push the adjustment pulley bolt to the rear of the car and hold it there

04 - Use a rod, small socket, allen wrench, bolt or some other strong, skinny object to pin the pulley back.

05 - Release the pulley so it rests on the pin you just put in the hole behind the pulley

06 - While the pulley is back you should have slack in the belt. Pull the belt off the pulleys, starting with the alternator.

07 - Put your new belt on just like the old one, alternator last

08 - Push the pulley towards the rear of the car again to take it off the pin you put in the hole.

09 - Remove the object you put in the hole to hold the pulley back.

09 - Release the pulley so that it pulls the belt tight again.